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    Why? The weak link in the chain (your arms) will fail long before your lats have done enough doesnt matter how you perform the compound lifts this WILL happen, your arms are a much smaller weaker muscle group.

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  • 08/17/12--19:49: How much can you DB shrug ?
  • Possibly in wrong section but how much can you DB shrug ?

    I can get up to the 60's then my grip gives up ?

    Interested to see what you guys can do.

    Over to you ?

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    Im guessing some people take the day off training sundays, So what are people training tomorow ??

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  • 09/19/12--04:00: Terrible Bench Press Plateau
  • I've been weightlifting seriously for about 5 years, i train 5-6 times a week, switching between compound and isolation exercises, etc. I tend to respond well to training and at 5'10 weigh around 190lb of good solid and lean muscle. However, my chest is bloody awful! Lol! I'm barrel chested and for as long as i can recall i've NEVER been able to push past 70kgs (154lbs) for 8 reps. This is appalling in my opinion, considering how all my other exercises are proportionally much heavier and...

    Terrible Bench Press Plateau

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  • 10/18/12--02:18: Personal training
  • I wanna be a personal trainer what kind of certification or schooling is good for this?

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    in my opinion,i've done a research and these fitness gurus are in the top

    Mike Chang


    Vince Del Monte

    Rob Riches...

    Who¡s dominating the fitness field?

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong area but since you guys do this for a living you can probably help me the most make sense of this. What are the advantages of linear progression vs maximal strength periodization? I understand how linear progression is as simple as adding weight each time you lift either from work out to work out or weekly. My question is programs that are designed for maximal strength and the percentages used. For example week 1 3x8 70%, week 2 3x6 80%, week 3 3x3 90%, week 4...

    Can you guys help explain something to me?

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  • 12/20/12--04:07: Extreme Bulk
  • I will be doing an 'extreme' bulk In January. I will train twice a day for seven-days and I will be eating an excessive amount of natural and clean food.

    I'm currently eating two meals per day and fasting so the shock to my body will be huge.

    I aim to gain over twenty-pounds in seven-days. Much of weight will be water and glycogen but I hope to gain five-pounds of solid muscle.

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  • 03/22/13--06:08: Complete P90x & Lose 20lbs
  • My goal is to complete a full cycle of P90x. I'm officially beginning it today, after indulging and gaining some weight over the holidays, on top of the weight I already wanted to lose. Overall, I'm looking to lose just under 20lbs over the course of the program. I'll post my progress each week.

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  • 03/29/13--15:47: Inpirational Workout Tweets
  • So something a little different to the normal "inspirational quotes" , how about we get a little social and display some inspirational Tweets.


    **Note if you haven't seen our Embed Tweet function yet please check it out here

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  • 04/10/13--04:31: Long term 6 pack
  • My long term goal is to maintain a strong, solid and sculpted mid-section (6 pack).
    I have been rowing about 5700-6000 meters every 2 days for 2 weeks at the gym and am seeing results already in terms of fat loss and definition.

    Unfortunately this weekend I went away and have slipped but, I aim to achieve and maintain a good stomach.

    Any tips on maintenance once I'm there?

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  • 04/13/13--12:04: What Are your Goals?
  • I plan to do a mega bulk in January, as I mentioned in the other thread. My goal in the mean time is to stay healthy and maintain or improve my level of leanness, I'm currently in single digits so I'd be satisfied with just maintaining at this point.

    What are your short and long term goals?

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  • 04/16/13--14:35: Latest short term goal?
  • What is the last short term goal that you successfully achieved?

    I personally achieved mine last week.
    I set a goal beforehand that I wanted to lose a few pounds and I finally did it with no cheating on my healthy lifestyle. I usually have a big sweet tooth but I am so glad that I am getting better at self control so this is my personal achievement.

    I would love to hear yours!

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  • 12/29/15--08:05: Best cert?
  • Am interested in becoming a personel trainer, read some articles, but what is the best certification?
    How is ISSA? or NASM?

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  • 05/05/16--00:37: The ego has landed
  • Hi fellow meatheads,

    Thought I'd take this opportunity to let you get to know me.

    I've been a top class BB fro the last 15 years and trainer to elite atheletes of all sorts. Primarily bodybuilders but also done some strength and martial arts training for mercenaries and various types of active protective services.

    I train guys and girls, but obviously prefer getting behind my girls

    If you want any help with ANYTHING to do with strength or martial art training I will now be the man on...

    The ego has landed

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    Since some point I want to find a good coach, but I dont know what to do...One person had beed recommeded to me but I dont know its worth a try. The same I can say about opinions in the internet, for example here Its worth to risk, if you dont know this particular one? What is your opinion?

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  • 12/27/17--00:29: DOMS advise
  • Hi everyone, after my leg session i have 2-3 days of bad soreness and stiffness to the entire lower half of my body to the point where its painful to walk but on other bodypart days nothing really always the lower half. I train upper and lower with the same intensity etc is it just my legs can move bigger weight and thats it. Is this normal or am i missing something.

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    I've often been tempted to use the services of a personal trainer but not quite sure where to start or what to do. Have any forum members made use of personal trainer services?

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    Tracking your fitness is the best way to stay fit in. But how would you track it? This is where Soulfit’s “Sonic V08” comes in the game.
    Allow me to enlighten you with this “Sonic V08” thing.. So it’s a

    1. bluetooth earpiece
    2. smartwatch
    3. fitness band
    basically all in one.
    Sonic V08 is a Fitness band which also happens to be a smart watch and with a detachable display it also becomes a bluetooth ear piece. It can track your heart rate, blood pressure and give you live...

    What is the best way to stay fit?

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    I always say that it takes a lot of courage, patience and insight to become a personal trainer in the social media era. As you will all know, there is a lot to learn in terms of anatomy, nutrition, training and exercise, but in order to put your knowledge into practice, you must also learn about people.

    Once you have completed your Level 2 fitness instructor training you will have a better understanding of how to plan...

    What does it take to become a personal trainer?